Friday, January 9, 2009

A Special Kind of Poll (with gifts*)

When I was first approached about adding a poll so that people could judge the featured artists and vote in a poll about which they liked better I decided I didn't like this idea. The main reason for this was because the featured artists didn't have any control over which cards I put up nor were they being asked if they wanted to be judged. So I decided to have noncompetitive polls on letter boxing subjects.

However, I have decided that I am OK with a more "contest" like poll/vote or whatever you want to call it. Depending on how popular this feature becomes I may hold it once a month or less often if people aren't that into it.

I know there is a lot here to read, but you need to read these rules carefully:

  1. The first attempt of this"poll" will begin Feb 10th and run for 2 weeks. (voting ends at midnight pacific time Feb 24Th).
  2. I will accept the first 12 entries on the first come, first served basis.
  3. You may ask me to use a card of yours I already have. (including ones I have already showcased.)
  4. Otherwise you should mail me a card with a note in the envelope that the card is for the poll.( if you don't have my address AQ or email me and I'll send it to you ASAP.
    Any cards that arrive past the limit of 12 for that month's poll or the poll start date will be saved for the following month's poll (so if your card is the 17th one submitted for Feb. or arrives on Feb.11 it will counted as card #1 for the next month's poll, and so on. If you decide you don't want to be placed on the waiting list for the next poll start date, then the next card on the waiting list will added. All you have to do is ask for your card to be withdrawn.
  5. If you withdraw your card from the poll during the 2 week voting period no additional cards will be added.
  6. You vote in the comment section of the card that you like the best. If you are voting as an anonymous user you must write your trail name in the post box along with your vote, for example: (I am voting for this card - Jane letterboxer.) If you do not leave your trail name with your vote, that vote will not count.
  7. Votes will be physically read and counted as there may be comments on a posting page that have nothing to do with the front page totals.
  8. You may only vote once per day. If you vote for a card more often than once a day (the comments section has a date stamp) then none of your votes will count. However if you make a mistake and accidentally vote for the two cards in one day, as long as you tell me about it ASAP and tell me which you want deleted, then the rest of your votes can still count. But if I am the one that discovers it in the end your out of luck.
  9. You may only submit your own cards.
  10. You may vote for your own card but like everyone else you only get one vote.
  11. So what's in in for you? Well here are the gifts* being given to the the owners of the cards chosen for the poll.
  • All of the letterboxers who have a card chosen to be in the vote will receive a special participation LTC .
  • The person with the third highest votes will also receive a special bronze level LTC.

  • The person with the second highest votes will also receive a silver level LTC.

  • The person with the highest votes will receive (1) a gold level LTC (2) a one of a kind LTC or ATC that no one else has. (I will make one especially for them) and finally (3) as a token of my appreciation of your hard work you will also receive 1(one) small LTC making surprise. (For example, it could be a small ink pad, a section of PAZ Cut, a package of brads, stickers, a spool of ribbon, or embellishments of some kind, you get the idea.

The items received should not be considered prizes but rather tokens of appreciation from all your letterboxing friends who understand the effort that is required to create such incredible works of art!

So please read the rules carefully and AQ mail me with any questions or concerns you may have. You have from now until midnight Feb 5 PST to get the first month's entries to me. This will give me a few days to get the entries entered into Blogger and get them ready to publish on the 17th.

PLEASE NOTE: this is not a trade as per say, although everyone chosen as an entry in the poll will get a participation LTC and some people will get other LTC's, none of the cards submitted for the poll will be returned. I guess you could think of them as my reward for creating and sending out all the LTC's for the creating and donating all the LTC's and other gifts for this endeavor.

****Do not think your card is not good/fancy/embellished/carved well enough for this poll. People have such a wide variety of tastes that you may be surprised at how many people like your card better than the rest. So please don't be shy!****

Looking forward to seeing everyone's entries!


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