Sunday, January 4, 2009

FEATURED ARTIST- Tyra of Murray 7

ROSE IS ROSE- created by Pat Brady

This amazing fold out card was created for the Cartoon June LTC Ring hosted by Batty Girl. Here is the unfolded card in all its glory.

The first section of the card is called "Gumbo Family Portrait"

The second part of the card is called "Peekaboo"

The final card in this super cool series is called "Alter Ego Rose"

Please show Tyra of Murray 7 how much you like her cards but
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  1. Very cool use of paper, the colors are so soft together and really fill in an outlife stamp without having to color it.

  2. WOW Tyra this card is one of the best we have seen from you. It shows some stunning detail work and a nice sense of design.

  3. What a fun card!!!

  4. Where do I start? This card is amazing in every way. The carving is fantastic and the colors are incredible. I'm really glad I got to see this one.