Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ATC - Foreign Travel

I have decided to dabble in ATC's (no stamped image in this case). This is my first attempt at a card. Don't worry, my love of LTC's will always be the most important but I thought some of you might like to see,

I would love to hear your comments on this ATC. It is available for trade.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

You must sign your name!

Trail name or regular name if you are voting anonymous you must but your name down so that I know you only voted once that day (yes I suppose you could cheat with the names but I feel that letterboxers have better integrity than that)
I have noticed that I woodwhittlers posts in particular that there are a bunch of anon votes with no name, this leaves me in a real quandary as it is down in the rules that you must leave a name. they way the vote is worded each time I have a feeling it is coming from one person if you are that person contact me and I will consider what can if anything be done.


Monday, February 16, 2009

My Birthday Present!

I am absolutely flabbergasted! My husband and 2 daughters went in together to buy me a Cricut Expressions machine for my birthday (today)! I have wanted one for a long time but they are so expensive and we have so many bills I would never dream of buying myself one. Can you believe they did something so sweet? I truly have a wonderful family who knows how to rock a birthday!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Entry # 9 - 7 Wonders of our World

This card was created by Scarab for the Wonders of the World LTC Ring. The have created 2 cards for their entry and includes some amusing "wonders." Can you figure them all out? You can find the answers here http://www.atlasquest.com/boxes/clue/index.html?gBoxId=98875 To vote for this card leave your vote in the comment section of the entry. You can vote once a day.

Entry # 8 - Winter Poetry

This card was send out as trade. The card was created by Hufflepuff Lost. To vote for this card leave your vote in the comment section of the entry. You can vote once a day.

Entry # 7 - Time

This card was sent to me early for the quilling ring that I am hosting. The card is created by Bookboy.To vote for this card leave your vote in the comment section of the entry. You can vote once a day.

Entry # 6 - Beijing 2008

This card was sent to me for this contest by Milagro. It is an LTC that can be opened like a little book with a very detailed stamp inside.To vote for this card leave your vote in the comment section of the entry. You can vote once a day.

Entry # 5- M*A*S*H* Sign Post

The sign post from the show M*A*S*H* has been wonderfully created by Woodwhittler for a ring hosted by Dixie. To vote for this card leave your vote in the comment section of the entry. You can vote once a day.

Entry # 4 - The Boy Downstairs

The Boy Downstairs was part of the Forget me not ring. The card was made By His Grace. It's too bad that the 3-D elements of this card don't show that well in the scan. To vote for this card leave your vote in the comment section of the entry. You can vote once a day.

Entry # 3 - Anibus

This is our second entry from Shorty. It was part of the Egyptian LTC Ring. To vote for this card leave your vote in the comment section of the entry. You can vote once a day.

Entry # 2 - The Great Wall

The Great Wall is one of two entries by Shorty in this contest. I have no problem with multiple entries by the same person as they still only get one vote a day. The card The Great Wall was part of the Wonders of the World LTC Ring. To vote for this card place your vote in the comment section of this entry. You can vote once per day.

Entry # 1 - "Lovin' the Sun"

"Lovin' the Sun" was the card that Snail Mail sent in for a ring I hosted called 3-D Swap. To vote for this card leave your vote with your name in the comment section for this entry. You can vote once a day.

Poll with Prizes Starts Today!

I have the entries scanned and will be giving each entry its own post as you need the comment section for each one to place your votes. Just a few quick rules to remember:

  1. This poll will run from today until Midnight Feb 24/09.
  2. You may vote for 1 card per day and each vote must have a different day date stamp on it.
  3. If you are voting as an anonymous user you must include your trail name so we know that the one vote a day rule is being followed.
  4. Votes will be physically counted as there maybe other things such as actual comments in the comment section, this means the comment number shown at the bottom of each entry is NOT the official total for that entry.

I will post an update on how the entries are doing every few days so get your friends and family together and remind them to vote for you each day!

Everyone who is participating will receive a special LTC.

The person with the third highest votes will receive a Bronze LTC.

The person with the second highest votes will receive a Silver LTC.

The person the most votes will receive (1) a Gold LTC and (2) a one of a kind LTC/ATC that no one else will ever have and finally (3) 1 small LTC making supply as a token of my appreciation for your hard work.

So watch for the entries later today.

All the Colours of the World - Yellow

This is my contribution to the the All the Colours of the World - Yellow LTC Ring by Just4bees. It is late and will be mailed out tomorrow and delivered with the All the Colours of the World - Green cards but I am so pleased with how it turned out I just wanted to share it now!

Please let me know what you think of the card in the comments section.

I have extras available for trade.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winter Snowflake Ring Highlights

I currently was part of a LTC Ring called Winter Snowflakes. It was a large ring and I wanted to share some of the highlights with you. This ring was held by dolphinwander and we must thank her for the hard work she did collecting and sending out all these fabulous cards.

The first card I want to show you is called "How Flaky" and it was submitted to the swap by Toby. It is a beautiful card and it is unfortunate Blogger can't show you how wonderfully shiny it is.
The next card is called "Snowflake Ornament" and it was created by the very talented Alamocito. The techniques she uses always make for the most wonderfully colourful cards.

This next card is simple in its design but so elegant in its presentation. It is called "Snowflake" and it was submitted to the ring by Whatever. I love it!

We continue on with a more elaborate card by Allemeyn entitled "Winter Wonderland." This card makes excellent use of a number of techniques but the brads really make it pop. Again, Blogger doesn't let you see how shiny this card really is.

The entry from Larva Lady entitled "Almost Celtic Snowflake" is another simple but elegantly beautiful card.
The card sent in by The Frasier 4 is a lovely layered card called "Blue Ice." It is a very pretty card again using multiple techniques. Neknitter has sent in a lovely card entitled "One in a zillion." All I can say is that the one in a zillion that she chose to show us is just beautiful! The texture on this card is really cool.Our next entry is a shiny multi-layered card that is very pretty. The card was submitted by the Shoafsters and is called "Winter Beauty." A beauty it is!
The card I have to show you next is wonderfully colourful and has the fantastic quote on the back, 'A snowflake is winter's butterfly' what a great quote. This card was created by skier4444 and is called "Let it snow!" Amazing colours!
There were so many fabulous cards submitted for this ring that I can't show them all to you but I want to finish up the Winter Snowflakes showcase with one last card. This card is a 3-d look with embossed snowflakes. A very cool card by the ever lovable Happy Gemini who's card is called "Snowflakes."
I hope all you readers will take a minute of your time to let these artists
know in the comment section what wonderful cards they have created.


Up coming showcases

I have a lot of up coming show cases and featured artists so make sure you keep checking in every day to get you LTC fix, in the meantime, here is something to look at until then:

This card was created for the BOTNANICAL Swap hosted by sojourner.


New Poll

There is a new poll up on the pros and cons of geocaching. Don't forget to vote!


Poll results

Well the results from the first poll were overwhelmingly in favor of traditional letterboxes. Seems you all prefer the get outside, real deal. I envy those of you who live in places where those boxes exist. I have no idea where the nearest traditional box is around here but it is definitely hundreds and hundreds of miles away. Thank goodness for LTC's!

Traditional boxes received 29 votes making it a winner at 74 %

LTC's received 4 votes for 10%

Postals, Virtuals, and Hitchhikers all received 2 votes each for 5%

And lastly Cooties who received no love with 0 votes.

I will have an new poll up shortly, Thanks to everyone who participated in this one.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

FEATURED ARTIST - Gypsy Ladybug (The Spiderwick Chronicles) Part 1

Gypsy Ladybug has done an amazing set of stamps with some of the existing artwork for the Spiderwick Chronicles. She sent me the cards in a wonderful card of the Spiderwick Home:

The cards themselves are of artwork that is from the books but she has done a great job making this wonderful set of cards from the pictures.

To start with we have Arthur Spiderwick who wrote the the Field Guide to Faeries, although he warned others not to read it.

He was the children's great uncle who disappeared after trying to fool the elves.

Jared Grace is the the main character of the books and from whose point of view that the are written. Jared and Simon are identical twins. He is generally a good boy with leadership qualities but he does have some anger management issues.

He has a talent for creating plans at the most important times.

He didn't want to move to the Spiderwick house and was upset about his father leaving.

Simon is Jared's identical twin. He is a calm, caring pacifist. He adores animals and has many pets, more than his family would like.

His brother Jared thinks that Simon will be either a veterinarian or a lion tamer.

Mallory is Jared and Simon's older sister. She is an avid fencer and Jared thinks she will either grow up to be an Olympic Fencer or be in jail for stabbing someone.

She can be grumpy, but she is a big help with the boy's adventures as her fencing skills are a huge help in defending themselves from the faeries.

Coming in part 2 are some of the creatures from the Spiderwick Chronicles. In
the meantime, you can let Gypsy Ladybug what a great job she has done so far by
letting her know in the comment section.