Monday, February 16, 2009

My Birthday Present!

I am absolutely flabbergasted! My husband and 2 daughters went in together to buy me a Cricut Expressions machine for my birthday (today)! I have wanted one for a long time but they are so expensive and we have so many bills I would never dream of buying myself one. Can you believe they did something so sweet? I truly have a wonderful family who knows how to rock a birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday! It is a great present...just wait until you check out all the cool things it does!!1 Terrio

  2. I love mine. What a great gift, they had you pegged ;)

  3. It's going to take so practice to get good at it though,any tips ladies?

  4. lots of practice on plain white paper. Always test it out on that scrap paper before you commit to the good stuff. And of course, read the directions... the ones that are about the Cricut in general and the set that comes in each design booklet with the cartridges. They do a great job explaining the shift and the real dial size, etc.

  5. Congrats & Happy Birthday!! You are very Blessed to have such a loving family..
    Here I am "wishing" for a BIA but am really afraid I wouldn't know how to figure it out.. haha..
    I bought a Xyron 150 probably over a year ago, the directions scared me so I tucked it in a drawer.. It now sits on the desk Glaring at me.. haha..
    Love your Blog :-)

  6. OOH You are going to have fun with that! Happy Belated Birthday Girl!