Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Entry # 4 - The Boy Downstairs

The Boy Downstairs was part of the Forget me not ring. The card was made By His Grace. It's too bad that the 3-D elements of this card don't show that well in the scan. To vote for this card leave your vote in the comment section of the entry. You can vote once a day.


  1. I really like this a lot, I'm not sure if it's because I'm in a Valentiney mood or not. It's just very appealing to me, and I like how all the elements come together.

  2. I adore this card! The scan doesn't do it justice. It has 3-d elements and it just overall cool! Get's my vote today.

  3. I "Love" this one :-)This card fits "By His Grace" to a T!! So young & so in love..
    Put this down for me a vote..


    Not sure how this works.. haha..
    But two participants in this poll are my neighbors locally.. Can I vote for both??

  4. Vote. Great composition and texture.