Sunday, February 8, 2009

Poll results

Well the results from the first poll were overwhelmingly in favor of traditional letterboxes. Seems you all prefer the get outside, real deal. I envy those of you who live in places where those boxes exist. I have no idea where the nearest traditional box is around here but it is definitely hundreds and hundreds of miles away. Thank goodness for LTC's!

Traditional boxes received 29 votes making it a winner at 74 %

LTC's received 4 votes for 10%

Postals, Virtuals, and Hitchhikers all received 2 votes each for 5%

And lastly Cooties who received no love with 0 votes.

I will have an new poll up shortly, Thanks to everyone who participated in this one.



  1. Perhaps we should all build you care packages of ready to go traditional boxes for you to seed your area with. As it is said in AQ world... if you plant it, they will come, and hopefully plant more.

  2. There are only 100 in my whole province and the closest is 6 hours away! I have a few that I will plant in the spring but I would love more.