Saturday, February 7, 2009

FEATURED ARTIST - Gypsy Ladybug (The Spiderwick Chronicles) Part 1

Gypsy Ladybug has done an amazing set of stamps with some of the existing artwork for the Spiderwick Chronicles. She sent me the cards in a wonderful card of the Spiderwick Home:

The cards themselves are of artwork that is from the books but she has done a great job making this wonderful set of cards from the pictures.

To start with we have Arthur Spiderwick who wrote the the Field Guide to Faeries, although he warned others not to read it.

He was the children's great uncle who disappeared after trying to fool the elves.

Jared Grace is the the main character of the books and from whose point of view that the are written. Jared and Simon are identical twins. He is generally a good boy with leadership qualities but he does have some anger management issues.

He has a talent for creating plans at the most important times.

He didn't want to move to the Spiderwick house and was upset about his father leaving.

Simon is Jared's identical twin. He is a calm, caring pacifist. He adores animals and has many pets, more than his family would like.

His brother Jared thinks that Simon will be either a veterinarian or a lion tamer.

Mallory is Jared and Simon's older sister. She is an avid fencer and Jared thinks she will either grow up to be an Olympic Fencer or be in jail for stabbing someone.

She can be grumpy, but she is a big help with the boy's adventures as her fencing skills are a huge help in defending themselves from the faeries.

Coming in part 2 are some of the creatures from the Spiderwick Chronicles. In
the meantime, you can let Gypsy Ladybug what a great job she has done so far by
letting her know in the comment section.


  1. These are great cards. We loved the movie and I am planning on reading it together with the kids, probably over spring break, keep the series coming.

  2. I LOVE these cards! I only wish I had them for myself!!! Great work ~ Spirit Seeker

  3. I've heard a lot about this series but haven't read the books yet. These carvings are beautiful!!! -Sweet n' Sassy

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  5. These are not drawings they are stamp by an very talented carver. If you look closely you can see the odd smudge in the open spots for where the stamp has touched the paper where it shouldn't. I have seen stamps that are carved and stamped that are much more detailed than these

  6. I deleted the comment as I was extremely upset that anyone would imply that I would lie about whether these cards are drawings or actual stamps. If you look around the edges you can see the little smudges from when they were stamped and the extra ink hit them in the wrong spots. Truthfully I have seen carvings that are even better than these and the comment that I deleted that said "These are drawings" has no concept about how incredible some of our LTC carvers are. Thank you for your vote of confidence Anonymous! I have a ton of cards made by Sweet and Sassy and she really is an amazing stamp creator!

  7. Sorry I meant Gypsy Ladybug not Sweet and Sassy in the last comment