Friday, January 23, 2009

FEATURED ARTIST - 7 trailwanders

For those of you still checking for new updates while I was ill I figured I should reward you with something new to look at!

7 trailwanders has done 2 Narnia cards the lampost:

A very beautiful job, and although it is a little difficult to see on this scan, the card is 3-D with the lampost popping out from the picture.

The second Narnia card that 7trailwanders has done is this beautiful card of Jadis the White Witch

The scan doesn't do the justice deserved for this lovely shiny card.

Let's all show 7trailwanders just how amazing their work is by telling them about how much you like it in the comments section.



  1. Beautiful 7TW! Now... I've got to get those cards! *running to look at what I can trade*
    The lampost gives me a "warm-fuzzy" - just love that image and had commented to somebvody the other day that I woulod like to do one...
    The witch is breathtaking!

  2. I love the silvery, ice look on the Jadis card. Fantastic!