Monday, January 26, 2009

Featured Artist - CW Sunseeker

The first card I am showing you today by the wonderful CW Sunseeker is called "Jasmine" and her card was created for the "Barks, Meows, and Chirps! - oh my!" Ring. She is an Cocker Spaniel and Mini Schnauzer mix who loves her treats. Jas also likes to letterbox, chase squirrels and rabbits as well. It looks like Jasmine comes from a great home and is well loved.

Here are some more wonderful cards from CW Sunseeker that I want to show you:

This card called "Dance Marathon" and is part of of a set of 2 that was created for a ring called "The Roaring 20's".

Thes second card for this Roaring 20's ring is called "All Dolled Up". The two cards complement each other very well. The colours and embellishments used are done perfectly and you end up with a lovely little mini set of cards.

This last card is called "Year of the Rat" for Chinese New Year 2008. According to some of the highlights on the back of the card:

It is the first sign of the Chinese Zodiac.

Rats are leaders, pioneers and conquerors.

They are highly ambitious and strong-willed.

Rat's nature make them an appealing friend for just about everyone but they are often very exclusive and selective when making friends so they may not have that many friends.

This card is beautifully made with great attention to the the little details
that make it a very special card to have.

Let's all let CW Sunseeker how much we like her cards my leaving her feedback in the comments section.

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  1. I especially love how CW Sunseeker uses multiple colors and textures of paper on each card to create richness and depth. That is something I'm not patient enough with.