Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Last year I was blessed with the opportunity to meet Campfire Lady and Marmalade when they came to Victoria and I was still living in the area. During our long discussion about LTC's, it was recommended that I contact Mstrwndl as he did amazing carving. Needless to say, I did just that and we had a nice big trade.

So today I am going to feature a some of the cards in his Home Town Series. He feels that he has much better cards than these but I think they are amazing. I plan to feature more of his cards in the future.

I asked Mstrwndl to give me a little background info about each of the locations in the cards just for fun. His remarks will be in blue.

My Home Town

The Little Brown Church in the Vale. This is a beautiful card that looks like the kind of church every little girl wants to have her dream wedding in! The Little Brown Church In The Vale is a halfhearted rendition of the Pioneer church at Cannonsburg Old Time Village here in town. 200 years ago Murfreesboro was Cannonsburg and the capital of Tennessee. That was what the church looked like then.

The detail on this card is amazing! Carving all the clapboard and windows must have taken ages. Rosie's Boarding House is still there on East Main Street. It has been there since I can remember. I don't remember it being anything else but a bed and breakfast.

This carve is so cool, so detailed, it makes me want to go and eat there right now! The Slick Pig Café is a little building out east of town that used to be the local beer store. They closed it down and the man that bought it has won blue ribbons for BBQ and hot wings.

The Fillin' Station is an awesome rendition of an old gas station. It's very nostalgic looking. The Fillin' Station was an old gas station that was turned into a speakeasy around 1940. It remained a pub for the next 60 years and was finally demolished. The whole time it was a bar the bubble pumps remained out front. Of course the tanks were dry, but the pumps remained.

Pete's Package House looks like the cutest outhouse you have ever seen. Pete's Package House from afar looks like an old fashioned outhouse, but upon further inspection it produces some of Tennessee's finest sipping whiskey. It too is east of town and about 13 miles outside of the city limits.

And just to finish of this showcase of amazing cards from Mstrwndl is one of his famous portrait carvings that he is so well known for. This card was the 7th image in the I Go To Sleep To Dream LTC Ring.

Let's all show Mstrwndl just how amazing his work but telling him about in in the comments section.


  1. I love them, just love them. The detail is so incredible. Thank you! I'm speechless (that doesn't happen often).

    Janet, Blooming Flowers

  2. I like the Fillin' Station best, shows a lot of depth. Pete's Package House is really neat too, because of the various wood patterns, looks textured.

  3. WOW! See, this is the kind of carving I want to be able to do, but preschooler and other responsibilities will keep me from doing! :( The first made me smile cause I grew up down the road from a Cannonsburg (not the same one). The curtains in the Slick Pig seem like I could peek out from behind them. I laughed at "the tanks were dry"... apparently the only things that were dry! And the little outhouse distillery was too much! All of it makes me want to go there! You should contact your chamber of commerce or travel office to get compensated somehow!
    As an aside, and having nothing to do with the cards... any chance the "checking to make sure you're a real person" thing will go away? I have to put the information in twice every time... don't know why it doesn't accept the first set of letters... I always type them in right...

  4. now I understand why folks rave about your cards! ;-)

  5. These are incredible and crazy awesome!

  6. The texture and shading is amazing on all of Mstrwndl's cards. The stamp is truly the focal point. My fav is One Eyed Dot. :)