Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Bunch of LTC/ATC's too cool to miss

Here are some ATC/LTC's from different groups or singles that are just too cool not to show the world.

Let's start with a cool drink from Marmalade Called " South Seas Adventures, Please may I have another"

Delicious isn't it? We can sit back and sip it as be we look over the other cards."

Well if we are going to have a nice refreshing drink we might as well have a snack too while we peruse the cards.

Here is a yummy Jello snack from Mah Jongg Queen that she created for my Abstract Ring.

So now that we have treats, let's look at some of the cards that are too cool to miss.

This card was carved by Esmerelda and it is called "Woodston Fishing Station, St, Cyrus, Scotland.

Esmerelda writes:

High on the cliffs overlooking the North Sea in Scotland, this Bed and Breakfast was a magical step back in time for me. Peaceful beyond words it was as though I had finally found the place I had been long been searching for.

Some Day I will return

This next ATC I made out of scraps from other LTC/ATC's. I call it Firefly.

She consists of a little bit of this and that but it still turn out a very pretty card.

I created this LTC for the 2009 Christmas ormament exchange. You will find here a picture of the card I made as well as the ornament that I made that the card based based on.

This is the ornament I made for the 2009 swap.

For part of the Egyptian ring NSFBeads created this masterpiece of Canonic Jars.These jars were used by the Ancient Egyptians to store the internal organs removed during the mummification .

This card is called "Scottish Thistle" and was created by by Capt.Raehawk. Sometimes it is the simplicity of a card that is what makes it so beautiful.

Our final card tonight is another masterpiece from mrstrwndl. He calls it " I go to sleep to dream."

Please let the Artists know how much you like their work by letting them
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