Thursday, March 19, 2009

Autumn Beauties LTC Ring

Here are some of the cards from our Autumn Leaves Ring. There are some really great cards here.

The first card up is by Larva Lady and is called "Sweet Gum Ball Tree".

It is too bad that the vibrancy of the colours don't come through as well as the could being scanned.

The second card I want to show you is from Alamocito and it is called Autumn Tag Sale.

Alamocito's work is as amazing as ever!

Next we have a card by Falling Leaves called" White Ash"

The colour and vibrancy of this card is outstanding!

The "Nebreaska Cottonwood" by Ona Journey is up next:

The colour and contrast are wonderful!

The card that I submited for this ring is called "Leafy Trio"

Giving you a taste of a variety of wonderful leaves that we see in the Autumn.

Next we have this beautiful card by Frasier 4

It shows a wonderful spectrum of Autumn Colours.

This next showing of vibrant colours is from Oceanwinds

This card is called "Oak Leaves"

We next have a lovely card by resQlou:
It is called "Oak and Acorn" aand has a wonderful layout.

Our next lovely card is from Dolphinwanderer:

It is called "Maple Leaf" and is a gorgeous looking card.

We next have a card from Romana that is on orange paper but scanned much differently:

Despite the fact that the paper didn't scan in the bright orange it was made with, the embossed leaves are still awesome looking.

We next have a colourful number from Blackberry Patch:

"Autumn's Berry Trees" is a wonderful card with fantastic colour.

We will finish our Autumn Showcase with a card from Sudoko Crazy:

These lovely Maple Leaves make a fitting end to our collection.

Please let the Artists know how much you liked their work but
telling them in the comments section.

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