Saturday, March 21, 2009

ATC- Lady of Yonder

I had a piece of clip art last night that wouldn't let me go to bed until I turned it into an ATC. Here are the results of that hurried endeavor.

Tell me what you think of her, I find the clip art so compelling.

I have made a bunch more of her decorated in different ways, they are on my flickr account which shows cards before they have been send to groups so if you don't want to worry about seeing things before they are send out don't go look other wise you can see all my LTC/ATC's here


  1. Perhaps it was a hurried endeavor, but the results are still wonderful. I find the pressed flower especially striking, and the cutout frame design is quite creative as well.

  2. I think those old photos of little girls from the turn of the 20th century all all so wistful and lovely. They ARE hard to resist... ;) -Cat Eyes

  3. I really enjoyed making more of them.

  4. Jennie, this is a beautiful ATC ~ well done! That face is gorgeous.