Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Here is a card from a stamp I made last year


  1. I seriously LOVE this card.

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  2. ooh this is very effective! Was it all one stamp or were the lights seperate? I really like it!
    Hope your start to the new year is going well :)
    Tara, x
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  3. Love this ATC, is this stamped? or watercolor? Either way I love the texture it portrays!

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  4. The card is a hand carved stamp of a Christmas light, I drew a line with a black sharpie then stamped on the individual lights using markers. They were made ATC size but as a card, When I finish unpacking I will see If I have any left, I think there are a couple floating around somewhere!

  5. Silly me... you have it labeled right there! I'm so blind :( !
    In any event, thanks for replying!
    Btw, very beautiful pic you have there (the profile pic with your hubby)


  6. Several people asked how I made it Dee so I added the description. Thank you for your kind compliment on my wedding photo of my me and my childhood sweetheart. It just took us reconnecting in our thirties that we were meant for each other!