Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some ATC's for a friend

These are for my leader of my Hello Kitty swap as we are not swap partners but she saw the ones I had made and really liked them so I made some for her, She knows not to look here until she receives them. What do you think?


  1. As life comes at us from different angles, we put on different hats. We are gardeners, moms, wives, daughters, friends, cooks, writers, teachers, and the list goes on. Adding to this is human. Human to human. That is where the compassion comes from. Saying this, we wish no harm and hope for all things good. I am writing this telling you that I too am behind on numerous projects. People are waiting on me. I feel terrible for that. I need to fix it and fix it soon. I was out sick - very. It has taken over my life and I am still healing from it. That is just an excuse. Truth be told I am still behind. Everyone knows it. I do know that there are those who are going to be leery of ever participating in postals or LTC with me again over this. I am sharing this with you because being honest and not hiding will help me build relationships back. It will also work for you. It will take time just as everything takes time, but you can do it. Log into AQ - stop ignoring that site. It will take a minute to do so. Do it in good faith. You said that you are going to get LTC out numerous times. I encourage you to follow through with them. I know that you could make one big shipment. Ship all of the AQ items to one person. Let them sort them. I have done this for some - I know that others will help out.

    I am pleased to see that you are doing your blog and encourage you to continue to do so. We all need an outlet. I cannot imagine how far behind you are with everything. How overwhelming that must be. Where to start. That is a hard place.

    Start fresh. Don't overwhelm yourself. Only do one project at a time. Make your LTCs or ATC and then make those cards - send them out and then - only then sign up for another swap.

    I know that you like the carved stamps and the creativity that goes along with being able to create an LTC/ATC with an image that others won't have. I have no problem sending carved stamps to you to use on your LTCs once you get caught up. You don't even have to send them back. They can be yours, but you need to be caught up and keep the swaps under control.

    Communicate with us. Let us move forward in this relationship and follow through in good faith.

    So here is my offer: I have bags of stamps that I have carved. I will send you 15 stamps to start with when everything else is caught up and packages are sent back. You can send them to me even if you choose.

    Wishing you the best!
    S and D

  2. I will be on AQ next week to explain my health problems in detail which is going to be a
    hard me. The swaps are all sorted But it will take several hours writing out a pile of customs forms and a few still need to be taped. I will begin with one and then do the next one after those go and so. I am not behind I just haven't mailed them and you will know more about the reason why when I explain my physically and mental issues on AQ,believe me,those packaged are constantly on my mind about sending then out.
    I will start mailing them out this Tues and I will try to explain what has happened to make makes it so difficut to something that six months would have become so no problem I think of you folks everyday and I constantly worry abut the packages ever day. more info next week
    in what will probably be an epic novel by the time I am finished.