Thursday, October 29, 2009

These are the things I have been making for the Christmas market. Only 10 more days of making ornaments until it's show time. This is my first year so I hope it turns out well and I have decent sales. It runs for a couple weeks.
All the stuff


Ribbbon Rose Balls

Ornaments for the kids

More ornament for the kids

Med. Size Alcohol Ink Painted Glass Ball

Large Glass Ball

Alcohol Ink Cups

Sponged painted heart jar

Another large glass ball


  1. Hi do beautiful work. You should also try selling on I think you would do well!

  2. Thanks! I might just give that a go!

  3. If you have all this time to make ornaments, please send my LTC's back. I did not make them for you to keep. I made them and sent them to you because you were hosting an LTC swap.And now you have decided to keep everyone's LTC's and their money. Shutterbugg of AQ

  4. You will get your cards back mostly liely before the end of Nov, Beg of Dec.

  5. By the way, I didn't do all this work I am just baby sitting it,although some I did.

  6. hi, i from swap-bot, u r my partner. I 've followed your blog. ;-)

  7. Great blog Jennie! I'll go ahead and follow you too :)