Friday, August 13, 2010

Twilight Set and all the Rest of Life

It may stun a few of you rigid but the Twilight Ring is more or less ready to be mailed as soon as my husband gets paid on the 15th. I had the money set aside in what we call my swapping account and normally my husband never touches it though it is technically joint. He was in dire need of some tool he broke at work (mechanics have to provide their own their own tools that they bring along with them to any new job) anyway it was something important that he needs all the time  (he told me what it was but with tools it's in one ear and out the other,lol) we are really broke at the moment as I need expensive dental work that requires a number of stages and has to be done in a different city, so all our cash has been going to that) So he in his wisdom borrowed my trading money not realizing  that the cash in the account was almost entirely the money sent to me from others for their trades. He had planned to replace it on his 15th of the month cheque anyway, but when he told me what he had done I freaked out at him and explained how and why that money didn't actually belong to me, he wants me to apologize to all of you, he is horrified as he would never spend money that wasn't ours under any circumstances, and has already given me a post dated cheque for the 16th so that we can be certain his pay has gone in. For some reason the Direct Deposit sometimes (most) puts it in at midnight of the 14th but every so often he doesn't get it until midnight on the 15th so the cheque is written for the 16th, then we are safe.We have also made a new family rule that nothing comes out of that account without checking with me first.  Hope to get a couple of the smaller ones out as well until I get my tiny disability pension on the 25th. I want to continue to keep sending them. This will feel like I have a huge weight off of me if I could get all of them as well as the prizes from the contest (the grand prize has been attached to my bulletin board since before the contest was even over).
I have additional good news, my doctor is going to let me start slowly carving again as of Sept! He wanted to see if it was contributing to my chronic pain as it is the left side I have my pain on and I am left handed so he wanted me to take a YEAR off to see if it changed anything.It drove me to making ATC'S as I was addicted to making cards by that point, LOL! I will probably have to send ATC'S, many which I have already have made. I may be able to incorporate some of my old stamps in new ways too.
I am looking forward to filling the black hole and I haven't forgotten any singles here too. I am looking forward to the 16th so we can get this party started! I will never forget anyone's trade (though any individual trades may require a reminder) I maybe slow but I will never flake out on someone on purpose!
Any one who thinks I may have the wrong address because they have moved in the past year and a half should send their address to jenwin not AQ mail as my AQ mail account needs a total overhaul but I should get your info no problem at that email address. It might not hurt to send i just because and don't forget to include your trail name so I know who's info I am looking at. I may try to send multiples if you are in more than one ring to speed up arrivals home.
I am playing with a new look for the Blog

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