Friday, October 16, 2009

A quick pic from your never ending sickie

My disability is making it almost impossible for me to carve so I am stuck making ATC's and inchies. I know I have been a bit of a black hole lately but I plan to remedy that ASAP. In the mean time here is a card I made that I thought you would enjoy. PS. I haven't forgot the contest winners, they too are on my ASAP list.



  1. Have you ever thought to share your disability with those of us in the crafty corner of your life? We are pretty much in the dark...supportive, but completely ignorant of your struggle.

    By talking about it, perhaps you could give hope and companionship to those who are struggling with the same burden you are carrying, or words of encouragement to those that care for family members with similar issues.

    Just a thought. I'm so sorry that you must deal with this disability on, what seems to be, a continual basis, especially if it is hindering what you want to do.


  2. It would be nice if you would let us know on AQ if we are ever going to get our LTC's that you have had since June 2009. You don't seem to want to communicate with us to let us know what's going on. We have even offered to have you send them COD to someone so they could distribute them for you. Shutterbugg